Senior Care in Charlotte, NCWhen elderly parents get to the point that they need to rely on their adult children for help with care, it can stir up rivalries and conflict that haven’t been resolved for years. Dissension among siblings often ruins their last opportunity to build positive memories with their parents. Siblings should work together to provide the best senior care that they can.

The two biggest disputes between siblings regarding a parent’s care are injustice and inheritance.


This occurs when one sibling bears more of the burden of care than the others. In most cases the sibling who lives closer usually takes on more of the responsibilities. Sometimes they even ask the others for help but they either don’t understand what their parent’s needs are or they choose to ignore it. In either case, one sibling is carrying the weight senior care on their shoulder. A sense of unfairness and resentment can develop, creating tension and sometimes hostility.


Unfortunately, motive isn’t always pure for siblings who get involved in a parent’s care. Sometimes they are preoccupied more with the money aspect and what they think they have coming to them than with their loved one’s care. Some siblings even try to do more for their parent in the end than the others in hopes of finding favor and reaping more of an inheritance.

In order to improve communication and settle disputes between siblings, consider one of the following:

Call a family meeting This meeting can be a time to clear the air but mainly is should be to discuss a parent’s senior care needs. The role and responsibility of each adult child should be made clear and plans for the future should be discussed.

Obtain an outside opinion – Sometimes a neutral third party, such as an advisor, mediator, or counselor, can help defuse disputes between siblings.

Take the high road – In the end we can only be responsible for our own actions and behavior. This is a time to consider putting personal feelings aside and thinking about what is best for your parent. Don’t become consumed with anger by a sibling who is unhelpful or hurtful.

In order for siblings to work together and find the best senior care for a parent, they have to be willing to put their differences aside. Feuding is only going to make your parent feel worse and you should take advantage of the time you have left to build positive experiences.

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