Home Care Services in Weddington, NC – A Hot Bubble Bath May Provide Temporary Relief, But a Home Care Provider Offers Long-Term Stress Reduction for Family Caregivers

Home Care Services in Weddington, NCBy the time Stephanie would get home at the end of the day, after stopping by her mother’s house to check on her, help cook dinner, and take care of other needs that she had, it would be well after 9 PM. That barely gave her enough time to unwind, watch her favorite television program that she had recorded earlier in the evening, and then get to bed.

Her alarm would go off at 5 o’clock in the morning and the day would start all over again as she headed to work and then, after work, over to her mother’s house. She was providing home care services for her mother, but she was also relying on a few in-home care providers stopping by during the week to get a much-needed break.

She wasn’t sure about hiring an in-home care provider for her mother, especially given the fact that she was already doing this type of work for her at that time. However, she began to realize that her days were flying by, she was missing out on time with friends and her husband, and she was beginning to lose patience with her mother and other people in her life.

For Stephanie, taking a nice, hot bubble bath was one of the best ways she had found to alleviate stress and anxiety in her life. Yet she wasn’t really able to do that while providing home care for her mother.

That’s one of the primary reasons she convinced her mother to hire a professional in-home care provider for a couple of days a week. It was those bubble baths that helped her let go of the anxiety and stress of her job and concerns over her mother’s safety and well-being.

For any in-home care provider, taking some time to run a nice hot bubble bath can have a positive impact on those toughest of days. The heat from the water helps to loosen up muscles and that can alleviate tension in a physical way from the body.

Certain aromatherapy can also be beneficial at calming the mind and letting go of the stressors from the day.

For anybody who is providing some type of home care services for an elderly individual, whether it is a family member or as part of your full-time job, taking a bubble bath at least once a week, or after a long, tough day, can have tremendous benefits for you and, ultimately the patient. Don’t misunderstand this, this is not advocating taking a bubble bath with patients, but when you, as the in-home care provider are relaxed and feeling great, it is going to improve the quality of care you provide.

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