Healthy Senior Care in Charlotte, NC

senior care charlotte ncThe best thing about the spring and summer is the beautiful flowers and plants it yields. Most seniors love the idea of taking a plant or flower from seed to sproutling to an adult plant.  That’s why gardening is one of the favorite activities for seniors. While this activity is enjoyable, it can also be dangerous if the senior is not careful. There is a right and wrong way to go about gardening and knowing the difference can make a big difference in the success of a gardening project. Here are a few simple tips to following when planting a garden.  

Make good use of perennials

One of the first things a senior should consider when planting a flower garden is using perennials. By using these types of flowers, the senior will not have to worry about replanting them every year. If the garden is taken care of throughout the year, then the perennials will start to regrow the same time each year. By taking these types of shortcuts, it will be easy for a senior to get the beautiful garden they are looking for year after year without having to replant.  

Pay attention to the timing

During the summer and spring months, the temperature outside can get too hot for seniors to be outside extering themselves.   Working either in the morning or in the evening is the best way to get things done without risking getting too hot outdoors. Taking the time to plan out a gardening schedule according to expected temperatures will keep the senior out of the danerous heat.   In some cases, a senior will be able to get a hand with their gardening from an elder care provider.

Keep the project manageable

Another very important thing that a senior has to remember when working in the garden is to keep the planting spot small in the beginning.  If there is too much land that needs attention, the senior may find they are overexerting themselves.   By having a little patch of land to cake care of, the senior wont get overwhelmed.  Also, be sure to consult with a gardening professional in order to get a bit of advice on what needs to be done to get the soil in prime condition. The more help a senior has with this process, the easier it will be on them to get the right results. 

Being able to get outdoors and work with the soil is a favorite past time for most seniors. By staying active during the golden years in one’s life, it will be easy to stay positive and healthy. 

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