Caregivers in Charlotte NC: Using Journaling to Improve Your Quality of Life as a Family CaregiverQuality of life is an issue that comes to the forefront frequently for family caregivers. When you are thinking about this need, however, you are likely to think about your parent, and what you can do to give them a better quality of life. While this is an important part of being a dedicated family caregiver, it is not the only thing you should think about when caring for your parent. Paying attention to your own quality of life is also critical to being the best caregiver possible for your parent, and the best you can be for the others who rely on you in your life. There are many ways you can boost and maintain your quality of life when you are a family caregiver, but one that can be particularly beneficial is journaling.

Some of the ways keeping a journal can benefit your life as a family caregiver, and help you to maintain a better quality of life include:

  • Giving you a place to express your thoughts and emotions openly, and without worrying about what other people think of you, or these thoughts. Sometimes you will encounter difficult times in your care efforts, and may experience thoughts and emotions you didn’t expect, and may even feel guilty about. Expressing them in your journal gets them out so you don’t dwell on them and feel more stressed.
  • Writing down questions or observations in the moment, or soon after having them, helps to keep your thoughts organized, and reminds you of things when you might forget them.
  • Recording wonderful things that happens during your day gives you “bright moments” to focus on. Going back over these can give you a boost, renew your sense of gratitude, and give you what you need to get through the difficult times.
  • When you record your thoughts, you feel less alone, and more capable of getting through difficult times.
  • Journaling can become a regular part of your day, giving you time to yourself, and allowing you a break for your mind to rest.

Senior care does not have to be an everyday occurrence for it to make a difference for you as a family caregiver, and for your aging parent. Respite care can be exceptionally beneficial for both of you, and only needs to be an occasional part of your care approach. With respite care, a senior home care services provider steps in on a temporary and occasional basis to provide dedicated care to your aging parent. Whether this is once every couple of weeks for an hour or two, a one time situation so you can participate in a specific event with your children, or even for a few days to give you a much deserved get away, this type of care can give you the rest and flexibility you need. With respite care, you can feel confident your senior is getting the care and support they need while you are away so you can focus completely on the activity or event, or simply taking a break.