Your senior might have believed she would never have to deal with incontinence, but it can become a concern for just about anyone at any time. How you and your senior handle really matters. Approaching it in a healthy and honest way is the best first step.

Prioritize Kindness

The biggest tip to remember when dealing with incontinence along with your senior is that kindness goes an awfully long way. It helps your senior to feel more comfortable with a situation that likely feels embarrassing and awkward. Kindness also helps you, though, because it reminds you that your senior isn’t doing any of this deliberately.

Bring up Concerns with Your Senior’s Doctor

Incontinence can become an issue for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it’s just a part of aging for your senior, but there can also be health issues that contribute to incontinence. Determining what’s behind the issues your senior is experiencing can help her to determine if this is her new normal or if this is a temporary situation that some changes can reverse.

Look at How Her Diet Might Impact Incontinence

What your senior eats and drinks has a lot more impact on incontinence than you or your senior might realize. Foods that are spicy or that are higher in acidity can sometimes be irritating to the entire urinary tract system, which can aggravate incontinence. Caffeine can also be a trigger for incontinence. Your senior’s doctor may recommend a specific diet based on her health concerns and how those might impact the factors contributing to her incontinence.

Find a Way to Manage Incontinence Supplies Discreetly

In keeping an attitude of kindness about this concern, you might want to go out of your way to ensure that you’re managing supplies related to incontinence as discreetly as possible. For instance, keeping a small makeup bag in which you stock incontinence pads, wipes, and other items when you and your senior are out and about is much better, even in a bathroom stall, than a clear zippered plastic bag that anyone could see through. Discretion can be helpful at home, too. Find a container that is unobtrusive that you can keep close to where the products are needed.

There are so many different factors that can make handling incontinence much less intimidating and upsetting for both you and your senior. Something else that can help more than you might realize is working with senior care providers more regularly. They have other tips and techniques from their own experience that can seriously pay off for you and your elderly family member.

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