When your senior is ready to start being a little more active, there’s plenty that you can do to help her to achieve her goals. The first thing for both of you to remember is that there’s no reason to head into this new goal full speed ahead. She needs to take her time and talk to her doctor about just how much movement is right for her first.

Get Clear about What More Active Means for Her

The first thing you and your senior need to do is to get together about what “more active” specifically means to her. There is a certain level of activity that she already has, and your goal is to build on that. But if you try to do so too quickly or to such a degree that she’s putting stress and strain on her body, that’s not going to be a good idea. The key is to go for a degree of more active that is within your senior’s goals.

Find Activities She Loves Doing

What are the active exercises that your senior already enjoys? If she likes to walk, that’s something to stick with. Likewise, if she enjoys being in the water or trying slow, stretching activities, maybe tai chi is for her. The best part about choosing activities that already tie in with what she enjoys is that she’s building on what she loves and getting more active at the same time.

What She Eats Factors into All of This

It might sound strange to talk about food when what you’re trying to do is to help your senior to become more active, but it really can help immensely. Eating nutritious foods that fuel her body properly are going to give her what she needs to support her goals to move more and to be more active in general. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the best diet for her health needs and then remember to make changes slowly. That’s easier to adjust to over time.

Sleep Is Another Component

Another factor that often gets overlooked is your senior’s sleep patterns. If she’s not sleeping well, she’s not getting the rest that she truly needs. Work with your elderly family member to figure out what might be causing the sleep problems she’s experiencing. There may be some simple solutions you can put into place, like setting up a set time for her to go to sleep and to wake up the next day.

When your senior is looking for ways to become more active, the changes involved reach farther than just moving her body a little more. Some of those changes, like revamping her diet, can be difficult to handle alone. Elder care providers can help with things like meal preparation, which can allow your senior to focus on eating well and treating her body well.

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