If you have an elderly loved one, you are probably concerned about them right now. With the coronavirus spreading through each state, there are many cases involving elderly adults. Why are elderly adults more vulnerable to the coronavirus? There are different reasons for this. Learning more about these reasons can help you to keep your elderly loved one safe during this pandemic.

More Susceptible to Respiratory Illnesses

As people get older, their ability to fight off respiratory illnesses may decrease. This is the case for many elderly adults which is why so many of them are being infected with the coronavirus. If you want to help keep your elderly loved one safe during this pandemic, it is important to convince them to stay home as much as possible. You or their home care providers can do their grocery shopping and errands for them. The less they leave their home during this time, the lower their chance will be of catching a respiratory illness, particularly the coronavirus.

Underlying Health Conditions

Statistics regarding the coronavirus to-date show that those who have underlying health conditions have a higher chance of getting severely ill from the coronavirus than those who don’t have any underlying health conditions. If your elderly loved one has any underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, COPD, or immune system disorders, you should encourage them to stay at home as much as they can for the time being. Their underlying health conditions could increase the chances that they will pass away after getting the coronavirus.

Immune System Responses

The older people get, the more difficult it is for their immune system to keep up with what is going on around them. While there are certainly ways that your elderly loved one could boost their immune system, it isn’t worth them risking their health to leave their home right now. Based on the average immune system functions of elderly adults and recent cases of the coronavirus, it is safer for elderly adults to stay at home. It is important that your elderly loved one keeps their distance from others to protect their health.

Now that you know elderly adults are more vulnerable to getting the coronavirus and getting really ill from it, you should encourage your elderly loved one to stay at home. Let them know that you can hire them home care providers to help them out. These home care providers can help run errands for your elderly loved one, make their meals, and help them out in other ways, as well. You can help your elderly loved one to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.


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