When you learn that your dad needs help at home, one of the first questions is, “Is it possible to keep working and care for him?” It is possible and many people are already doing just that.

What the Statistics Show

AARP’s 2020 study of unpaid caregivers found that 67 percent of men and 58 percent of women balance jobs and unpaid care. Men tend to work 38.7 hours or more per week while also helping out, and women work an average of 33.5 hours while helping out.

The numbers are higher for family members who are specifically caring for an aging parent. Almost 70 percent of family members who are caring for a parent or parent-in-law balance a job with caregiving chores.

How Do You Balance Caregiving Responsibilities and a Job?

Many family caregivers end up cutting their hours. If you cannot afford to due to retirement goals or household income needs, there are a few options.

Before making any plans, talk to your boss. Explain the situation. Your boss won’t likely be able to help, but it does make him/her aware. If you suddenly need to leave for some reason, your boss is already aware of the circumstances.

Share caregiving duties with other family members. If you work Monday to Friday and a sister works Friday to Tuesday, create a schedule where you share responsibilities. Your sister may go up before work since she starts later, you might go over after work since you get out earlier.

Spread your reach to include aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends. See if anyone has free time and would be willing to stop by and keep your dad company.

Once you have a count on how many can help out, figure out how much time your dad can safely spend alone. He may not be able to be left alone at all, or he might be able to watch a movie for a couple of hours without issue.

Consider mixing up options. Your sister could stop by on her days off. Your dad could go to a senior center, friend’s house, or volunteer opportunity when she goes to work. You’ll pick him up as soon as your workday ends. You could also look into adult day programs or see if he could sit and watch a movie in your office some days.

Hire paid caregivers. While you’re at work, your dad can have someone from a home care agency helping him with dressing, personal care, meals, transportation, etc. Make sure you use an agency so that if a caregiver is ill, there will be a replacement available to fill in.


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