There’s a lot going on when your senior goes to visit her doctor. Her doctor has a plan for the visit and both you and your senior do, too. Making sure that you’re able to accomplish everyone’s goals is really important.

Write Out All of Your Questions

Between you and your senior, you might have quite a list of questions about her health and how it might change in the near future. The best thing to do is to start writing those questions down. It’s easy to think that you’ll remember all of them, but doctor’s appointments can be pretty hectic and leave you and your senior feeling shuffled around a bit. Having a list you can refer to ensures that you don’t accidentally forget something that was actually really important to have answered.

Write Down Key Points

As you’re getting answers for your questions, do what you can to take some notes. You may not be able to write everything down word for word, but if you can get the key points captured in a way that makes sense later, that’s helpful. If taking notes isn’t easy or practical, ask about using a voice recorder. Most smartphones have a built-in function to do this and it helps to make sure you really don’t miss anything.

Ask for a Medication Review, Especially if it’s Been a While

Medication reviews are always a good idea, particularly if your senior has never really done one or if it’s been a long time since the last one. A medication review is a chance for your elderly family member’s doctor to look more closely at all of the medications, supplements, and over-the-counter medications that your senior is taking. The dosages and interactions of all of these different medications can have a big impact on your elderly family member’s overall health.

Inquire about Other Resources

Your senior’s doctor is also a good source of information about other resources. Her doctor may not be able to give you exact resources for every single situation, but the office may be able to point you toward a few that could be helpful. Ask her doctor if some extra help might be a good idea right now, too. Hearing from her doctor that senior care providers can be helpful might make that an easier idea for your senior to accept.

Having a plan for your elderly family member’s medical appointments gives you a chance to cover all of the important bases.

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