Do you find that your elderly loved one isn’t exercising regularly? Maybe they aren’t really exercising at all. Regular exercise is important for everyone. It helps to keep the body fit and helps to maintain proper functioning of the body. Exercising regularly can also help to prevent diseases and illnesses, as well. There are ways that you and elderly care providers can encourage your elderly loved one to get regular exercise.

Talk to Them About Exercising Benefits

Your elderly loved one might not think there is much of a reason for them to exercise. However, if you talk to them about the benefits of exercising they might change their mind. Let them know how regular exercise can improve memory, reduce the chance of illnesses, improve heart health, lower the risk of breathing issues, and so much more.

Teach Them How to Exercise

Your elderly loved one might not be exercising regularly because they aren’t sure what to do. Maybe they don’t know how to do various exercises and they get bored of just walking. This is alright. You can teach your elderly loved one how to exercise properly. In fact, there are many videos online that show step-by-step how to do various exercises. These videos might be beneficial for your elderly loved one. The more they learn how to do different exercises, the more willing they might be to exercise regularly.

Motivation Matters

Your elderly loved one might feel alone and that is why they don’t exercise. You should do everything you can to show them that you are in their corner. Be there motivator every day. Call your loved one and encourage them to exercise. Ask them what new exercise they tried this week. Ask your loved one if they want to join a fitness challenge with you. Do what needs to be done to motivate your loved one when it comes to exercising.

Use of Fitness Trackers

Many people find working out and moving around more fun when they can see their progress. There are many different fitness trackers that your elderly loved one could use to track their steps and physical activity. Fitbit and Garmin are two great options. There is also the Samsung watch and many others.

These are some of the ways that you can get your elderly loved one interested in exercising regularly. Be sure to talk to your loved one about what exercises they want to do. If they physically can’t do certain exercises, help them to come up with a plan to do the exercises they are capable of doing.


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