Elder Care in Cornelius NC


One of the bigger reasons to bring elder care providers in for your senior is that he needs help with personal care tasks. But what exactly are personal care tasks and how do they impact your senior’s life? Understanding that helps you to get your senior what he needs when she most needs that help.

Coping with Mobility Challenges

Mobility issues affect so much of your senior’s life. He may have minor balance issues or she may have trouble standing at all. Whatever her challenges are with mobility, having help from elder care providers to manage those concerns can make a tremendous difference for your elderly family member.


There can be a variety of reasons that getting dressed is challenging for your senior now. Mobility issues might be the source of that trouble, or your senior might have arthritis or cognitive issues. All of these can make getting dressed painful, or even impossible. With the right help, though, your elderly family member doesn’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed by her appearance.

Hygiene Tasks Like Bathing

Hygiene tasks are another category of personal care task. This involves bathing, but it also involves other tasks, like brushing your senior’s teeth, caring for dentures, and managing hair care. Sometimes people find it easier to accept help from someone besides family members with these very personal tasks related to their care. If this is true for your senior, elder care providers are a great answer.

Visiting the Bathroom

Another highly personal need can be visiting the bathroom. Again, mobility issues and other challenges can make toileting embarrassing and difficult for your elderly family member. Experienced assistance ensures that your elderly family member isn’t embarrassed and that she is able to hang onto her composure while she takes care of necessary functions.

Eating and Putting Meals Together

Cooking and everything associated with putting a meal together can be a lot more time- and energy-consuming than you might realize. That can leave your senior eating foods that aren’t the best choices for her. If she also has trouble with the mechanical aspects of eating, it’s essential that she has some extra help.

The idea of having help with some of these tasks can be mortifying for your senior, but elder care providers can quickly set him at ease. Even making their help a trial situation can go a long way toward helping him to see for himself that they’re there to make her life easier and safer.