Senior Care in Charlotte- Four Reasons Your Senior May Not Care about Food Right Now

Senior Care in Charlotte- Four Reasons Your Senior May Not Care about Food Right Now


You hope that your elderly family member is eating right so that she can stay healthy and strong. But she might not be all that interested in food and that can happen for a variety of reasons. These are just a few of the possible issues.

Her Appetite Is Non-existent

There might be a lot of reasons that your elderly family member isn’t hungry, but many of them could be an indication that she needs some help. For instance, if she’s not incredibly active right now, her appetite will naturally be lower. But her appetite could also be suffering due to medication side effects, illness, or emotional issues like depression. It’s important to try to figure out why she’s not as hungry.

Eating Is Painful or Difficult

It’s also possible that eating is difficult or downright painful for your senior. That could mean that even if she’s hungry, she’s still not eating much. This could be happening for a lot of different reasons, too. Some of those could involve oral health issues, like ill-fitting dentures or infected teeth, but there may be other causes. It’s vital to try to determine what’s causing the pain so that you can stop the pain and help her to get back to eating, too.

Cooking for One and Eating Alone Seem Like a Bother

Lots of people, possibly even including your senior, find it really difficult to cook for one person. It may also be difficult for her to be interested in eating at all when she’s by herself. As rare as that sounds, it’s really common. If that’s part of what’s keeping your senior from eating, having meals with her can help. That might not be possible, though, especially if you live far away. Elderly care providers could be the answer. They can help your senior with the cooking and serve as companions while she eats.

She Just Feels “Meh”

Your elderly family member might not know what’s causing her to avoid eating, either. As kids today might say, she just knows she’s feeling a little “meh” and it’s coloring lots of aspects of her life. If that’s the case, she may be bored or feeling under-stimulated. Finding ways to help her to be interested in life again can do a lot to help with the blahs.

These can be difficult conversations to have with your senior. She may also be hiding the fact that she’s not eating well or often, so you might have to investigate a little bit to get to some of these details.