Fatigue has a way of dragging your senior down. The big problem is that her lifestyle choices may be contributing to that fatigue and making it more difficult for her to get over what she’s feeling.

She’s Not Eating Well

It’s something that everyone has heard over and over, but what your senior eats makes a huge difference in how well her body functions. And if she’s regularly eating foods that aren’t very nutritious, that’s going to create a situation where she might be crashing more than she’s doing well. Foods that are high in sugar content or that are full of empty calories are some of the foods to watch out for. What you’re aiming for is food that’s fresh and nutritious, but cooking can be difficult. A caregiver may be the answer, because they can take over those duties for her.

She’s Really, Really Bored

Boredom has a big impact on your senior’s energy levels, too. Too many aging adults retire or decide that they’re ready to slow down a bit and then they find themselves with nothing to do. If your senior doesn’t have hobbies or isn’t interested in doing much, boredom and eventually fatigue start to pile up. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and that can be dangerous for your senior.

Her Sleep Hygiene Is Not So Good

What do you know about your senior’s sleep habits? If she is staying up to all hours of the night or she’s waking up a lot in the middle of the night, she might also be sleeping in a lot later than she used to. That starts to become a vicious cycle, too. Eventually your elderly family member’s entire sleep schedule is completely off and she’s experiencing fatigue when she wants to be awake and doing things.

She’s Ingesting Stuff Late in the Day that Keeps Her Going

Another vicious cycle happens when your elderly family member starts to experience fatigue is that she might start to rely on things like coffee or other stimulating beverages and foods to stay awake. Sugar, caffeine, and other energizing substances aren’t necessarily a bad thing for your senior in moderation. But if she’s relying on them later in the day to keep her awake, they’re likely keeping her too awake when she wants and needs sleep.

Tackling just one of these lifestyle preferences could help your elderly family member to start to turn her fatigue around. If she’s doing “all the right things” and still isn’t seeing results, it’s time to talk to her doctor.

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