Elder Care in Pineville NC

Elder care benefits your dad in many ways. He has a companion. He has someone to take him to his appointments. Caregivers can clean his home, do his laundry, and join him for walks outside.

It’s estimated that approximately 25 percent of older adults are dealing with malnutrition. The numbers are even higher for the elderly living in nursing homes or that enter the hospital. When your dad has help preparing his meals and snacks, he’s more likely to get the right nutrients and enjoy a healthy diet.

Caregivers Can Take Your Dad Shopping

When your dad needs groceries and other household items, his caregiver can take him shopping. He’ll have an elder care aide to read nutrition labels, make sure he sticks to his budget, assist him as he pays, and carry groceries into the home.

At home, the caregiver can put groceries away. Your dad doesn’t have to carry in anything if he doesn’t want to. If he doesn’t want to go shopping, the caregiver can pick up groceries for him after placing an online order.

Services Caregivers Offer That Help With Meals and Snacks Preparation

Your dad can have an elder care provider prepare his meals and snacks. If he needs those foods to be low-sodium, the caregiver can keep an eye on avoiding excessive additions of salt.

He can have his elder care provider follow favorite family recipes if he wants. He may even have a caregiver who can work magic and convert those older recipes into healthier versions. The recipe for his mom’s banana bread could become a nutritious whole grain bread that’s low in fat and added sugar.

Your dad may decide he wants to try a meal delivery service that matches his dietary preferences. The caregiver can unpack those boxes, put items away, and prepare them for him.

Not only can the caregiver cook items, but the caregiver can also make sure your dad is eating and drinking foods and beverages every few hours. If it’s been a couple of hours since your dad last had a glass of water, the caregiver can remind him to take a break from what he’s doing and drink something.

Elder care services like meal preparation, grocery shopping, and companionship do a lot when it comes to keeping your dad healthy. He doesn’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, or sticking to freezer meals. Call an elder care agency to make arrangements.



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