Caregivers in Cornelius NC

Do you see your elderly loved one playing games at all? If not, you or a caregiver might want to have them play games regularly. There are many benefits that playing games can have for the elderly. Once you learn about these benefits, you should share them with your elderly loved one. This way, they will also know why playing games is good for them.

More Happiness and Less Stress

Two of the benefits of playing games for your elderly loved one are more happiness and less stress. When someone gets into playing a fun board game, they can laugh and enjoy themselves. There are so many board games out there. If your elderly loved one hasn’t found one they like yet, keep looking with them. Once they find some they enjoy, you and their caregivers can play with them. This can help them be happier. It can help them to stress less, too.

Socializing More

Another one of the benefits of playing games for your elderly loved one is socializing more. While some games can be played by just one person, many games require two people or more. If your elderly loved one needs to socialize, you and others can play games with them. You could even take turns playing games with your loved one. You can pick out a board game one night. Then, your elderly loved one can pick out a game the next time. If you can’t be around much to play games with your loved one, you can have their caregivers play, too.

Improved Cognitive Functions

Games can help your elderly loved one with their cognitive functions, too. There are so many different games that your loved one can try. There are memory games. There are skill games, too. Every game involves using the brain in some way or another. If your elderly loved one can’t do games that require thinking outside the box, you can get them games that meet their current cognitive functioning levels.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Above, you read that games can help your elderly loved one to feel happier and less stressed. When people lower their stress levels, they can lower their blood pressure, too. If your elderly loved one is having issues with high blood pressure, you or caregivers should meet up with them once a week or more to play games.


These are just some of the benefits that playing games can have on your elderly loved one. Sit down with your loved one and find games that they might like today. You can pick out some games that you might like to play with your elderly loved one, too. When you can’t be there with your senior loved one, a caregiver can step in and provide companionship, which can include playing all sorts of board and card games.


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