Elderly Care in Weddington NC

When your elderly loved one experiences stress, what do they do about it? Many elderly people get tightness in their bodies when they are stressed. This can lead to increased pain and frustration. This might be how your elderly loved one is handling their stress, as well. However, there are some great coping tips for stress that you can share with your elderly loved one.

Keeping Healthy

One of the most important coping tips for stress is keeping healthy. This can be easier said than done. However, with just a few easy techniques, your elderly loved one can stay healthier. Some of the things they can choose to do include the following:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Pick one healthy snack each day
  • Take an evening walk
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily

If your elderly loved one does these things, they can help to not only relieve their stress but prevent more stress from coming on, as well.

Taking Regular Breaks

Has your elderly loved one been getting stressed because they do too much around their house? Maybe they get stressed because they have a lot of appointments with their doctors. No matter why your elderly loved one is stressed, one of the things that can help to relieve that stress is taking regular breaks. You or an elderly care provider should remind your loved one to take a short break at least every couple of hours. If they don’t have a lot of time for breaks, even stopping to take a few deep breaths would help.

Talking to People

Another one of the coping tips for stress is talking to people. If your elderly loved one is feeling stressed, encourage them to talk to you or one of their elderly care providers. If they talk about what is bothering them, it could help to relieve some of their stress. By talking to someone, your elderly loved one can feel less alone with their problems. In addition, by talking to someone else, your elderly loved one can get an outside view on what is bugging them.


These are some of the best coping tips for stress. If your elderly loved one is feeling stressed, be sure that you tell them about these tips. The more they can relieve their stress, the happier they can be. In addition, the less stress your elderly loved one has, the better life they can live overall, too.


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