How many times have you heard that seniors should keep their minds as active as possible, even if their physical health limits their mobility? Or that you can fight memory loss and cognitive decline by learning something new, socializing, playing cards, working crossword & jigsaw puzzles or playing a musical instrument? All that is true, and The Ivey and Golden Heart Senior Care are partnering together to make more choices available to optimize brain health through virtual services.

For many seniors, the pandemic-induced isolation has resulted in higher rates of cardiovascular disease, worsening dementia and depression. Once the pandemic forced many senior care programs to close, The Ivey quickly created a perfect brain-healthy virtual solution to combat the risks of loneliness and social isolation. With up to 25 LIVE! virtual classes each week, seniors living with memory loss can engage their brain with activities such as exercise, music, art, men’s and women’s discussion groups, word games and more! Access is quick and easy through The Ivey website’s Virtual Activity Center private portal. With Golden Heart’s trained caregivers providing assistance & support, seniors are able to fully participate in the many virtual activities offered.

It’s never too early to start engaging your brain. Sadly, many people wait until it is too late to start memory loss therapy. But those who start sooner, remember longer and can live more meaningful lives, even with mild to moderate memory loss. Call The Ivey today to learn more about enrolling in virtual classes and start on your journey to brain wellness now!

Visit us at www.theivey.com or contact Vikki Hunley at vikki.hunley@theivey.com or 704-909-2070.