Elderly Care in Mint Hill NC

Elderly Care in Mint Hill NC

Temperatures in many states have topped records. With this excessive heat, people are struggling to find ways to handle the rising temperatures. Your dad is getting older, and he’s having a more challenging time managing the heat. That’s normal. As you age, your body’s ability to regulate the body temperature changes.

Your dad needs to consider his safety in a heatwave. Here are tips that can help him and other family members keep cool when it’s hot outside.

Close the Blinds

Shut up the house. Draw the blinds, pull curtains closed, and close all doors and windows. Run fans or air purifiers and help the air circulate. That will help keep the sun from heating the house. If he has air conditioning, it also helps lower the electricity bill by limiting the number of hours the AC is running.

If it’s supposed to be cool during the night, open windows and run window fans to draw the outside air. When you get up the following day, shut everything up again.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure your dad drinks plenty of water. Ideally, he wants to aim for three liters of water. But that needs to increase if he’s sweating profusely or very active. If he hates drinking water plain, add fruit slices or frozen berries. Watery fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe and herbal iced tea also work well for hydration.

Wear a Damp T-Shirt

Loose, light-colored clothing is a must when it’s hot. If your dad doesn’t have air conditioning or plans to be outside for a short walk to the mailbox, a damp t-shirt does a wonderful job at keeping you cool. Dampen the t-shirt under the faucet, squeeze it out, and put it on. When it dries out, repeat those steps.

Arrange to Have Someone Check On Your Dad

Does anyone check on your dad when it’s hot? You can’t as you live hours away, but how about a neighbor, close friend, or family member? If he lives alone, someone needs to check on him from time to time.

Sometimes, there is no one who can check on him. Rather than hope that a phone call is enough, call an elderly care specialist. Ask about having caregivers stop by regularly to make sure your dad’s home is cool enough. The caregiver can stay with him and make sure he’s staying hydrated and feeling okay.

When you hire elderly care aides for companionship and welfare checks, you have peace of mind. You’ll know if your dad’s okay, and you’ll be aware if something changes in terms of his home’s safety or his health. Call now to schedule visits.

If you are considering elderly care in Mint Hill, NC for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. Call today: (704) 246-5806.