Senior Care in Weddington NC

Senior Care in Weddington NC

Does your elderly loved one have Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you are probably doing everything you can to take charge of their care. That is great. However, there are some things that many family caregivers often struggle with. For example, you might struggle with your elderly loved one’s mood changes. People who have Alzheimer’s disease can’t control their emotions as well as people who don’t have this disease. The inability to control emotions comes from the changes that are happening in their brain. With this being said, there are some tips for handling mood changes better in someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Cause of the Outbursts

You might find that your elderly loved one has fewer mood changes when you can find the cause of their outbursts. For example, many people who have Alzheimer’s disease have mood changes because they are hungry, but they don’t know how to express their hunger. Other people who have this disease may yell at their loved ones because they are too hot. Yet, they no longer understand how to express their feelings. If you or a senior care provider can help to determine the cause of your loved one’s outbursts, this can help to reduce or even prevent some mood changes.

Handling and Preventing Frustrations

If your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, they are going to get frustrated often. This usually happens more often when the disease progresses. Some of the things that people with this disease often get frustrated about include inability to communicate, forgetting things, not being able to express feelings, or not being able to do tasks they used to be able to do. If you can help your elderly loved one to better handle their frustrations, you may be able to reduce the mood changes they have. It is important to note that everyone who has this disease will have mood changes. The severity of them and how soon into the disease they happen will vary from one person to the next. If you are having a difficult time handling or preventing these frustrations in your elderly loved one, you can hire senior care providers to help.

Giving One Command Only

It is also important to note that people who have Alzheimer’s disease can no longer process things as they once did. For example, if someone has this disease, they are no longer going to be able to complete tasks that involve a lot of instructions without going step-by-step. One situation might be that you want your loved one to help with the laundry. If you tell them to put laundry in the washer, then in the dryer, and then fold the clothes – that might be too much information. You will likely need to explain how to use the washer, for example.


These are some of the tips for handling mood changes in someone who has Alzheimer’s disease. With these tips, hopefully, you can reduce or prevent some mood changes in your loved one. If you need help at any time with your elderly loved one’s mood changes, you can hire senior care providers to offer respite for you and companionship for them as they deal with the symptoms.


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