Personal Care at Home in Mooresville NC

Personal Care at Home in Mooresville NC

Hoarding is a disorder that affects almost three percent of the population. While it often starts when you’re younger, it becomes most prevalent in adults 60 years or older. Risks of hoarding include tripping hazards, fire hazards, and risks to personal health if rooms become so full of items that they can no longer be used for cooking meals, bathing, or toileting.

Why is your parent hoarding? It’s a mental illness that’s often tied to a loss or a health issue like Alzheimer’s. Hoarding helps fill a hole in an older adult’s life. Helping your parents end the cycle of hoarding is not something to rush. Here are some tips to end your parents’ need to collect items that they don’t often use.

Take It Slow

Depending on the severity of the hoarding issue, you may need to enlist the help of counselors who specialize in hoarding behaviors. Your parent may become distressed when being asked to give away, sell, or throw away items that have been hoarded. Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. It’s best to start with small steps before things get out of hand.

Work through one room at a time. As your parent sees how different one clean and organized room looks, there may be an incentive to keep going. Keep a calm attitude through it all. If you get irritated, it will only make your parent more resistant to the cleaning process.

Listen Carefully to Your Mom or Dad’s Wishes

There will be some items that you see as junk that has great significance to your mom or dad. Listen carefully to their reasoning why something needs to stay.

Instead of making them anxious by throwing it out anyway, create a bin for these items. The container can be labeled and placed on a shelf so that the things are still there, but they’re in an organized area.

Hire Personal Care at Home Services to Keep Everything Organized

Once the home is cleared of excessive clutter, your parents may need help keeping it clean and organized. You can do this if you have time, but you cannot give up your life to help your parents out. You need to engage with friends, take care of your home, and spend time with your spouse, children, etc.

There’s a way to make sure this is possible without abandoning your parents. Personal care at home is one way to ensure clutter is cleared before it builds up. Have a personal care at home caregiver keep your parents’ house clean and organized. Arrange services by making a call.


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