Home Care Assistance in Charlotte NC

Home Care Assistance in Charlotte NC

Three out of four older adults want to remain in their current home. The same amount report they would at least like to stay in their existing community. When your parents want to age in place, what can help them achieve that goal?

Make Sure Their Home is Set Up for Aging in Place

Ensure your parents’ home is designed to help them age in place. If your mom develops arthritis, would she be able to walk up and down the stairs, or is their home one level? How easy would it be if your dad broke his leg and needed to use a walker while it healed? These are considerations to keep in mind.

An older home may need several upgrades to avoid costly heating bills in the winter months. New windows, new doors, more insulation, and an air-tight basement are some of the factors. If your parents’ house is old and drafty, can they afford their heating fuel bills in the winter, or does it stretch their budget?

Is the home close to medical offices and the area hospital, or are they hours away? What happens if they can’t drive and need someone to accompany them to their appointments? Is anyone free, or would it impact your schedule?

What Health Issues Are Likely?

Family history can play an important reason in considering your parents’ ability to age at home. If there is a family history of heart disease, there is a higher chance your mom or dad may be on medications, require a special diet, and need to exercise regularly.

Diabetes is another health issue that can run in families. It will also require your family to pay close attention to your parent’s dietary needs, daily checks of blood sugar levels, and careful attention to appointments for routine medical exams, dental care, and eye exams.

Do They Drive?

Do your parents rely on others to get to stores, appointments, and other area businesses and attractions? If they don’t have a car or cannot drive, your parents may find it hard to manage if they live in a rural area. You’ll have to discuss the availability of others for shopping trips, outings, and appointments.

Hire Home Care Assistance Services to Help Out

With home care assistance, your parents can age at home safely and happily. They have caregivers available for companionship to offer a helping hand for more challenging tasks like housework, laundry, and meal preparation. Call an agency to ask about all the benefits of home care assistance services.


If you are considering home care assistance in Charlotte, NC for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. Call today: (704) 246-5806.