Home Care in Matthews NC

Home Care in Matthews NC

Vision loss can be very frustrating. It can affect reading, writing, playing games, and even daily tasks such as cooking. If your elderly loved one has vision loss, there are some things that might help them. For example, you may want to look in the below-mentioned technology tools to help your elderly loved one. Other senior citizens have had benefits from these tools, so hopefully, they can help your loved one, too.

Be My Eyes

There is an app called Be My Eyes. It helps people who have low vision connect with sighted people. The volunteers are available to look through your loved one’s phones at expiration dates or anything else to help. Yes, the home care providers can help with this, too. However, if your elderly loved one needs help in the moment and nobody is around, this help could be very helpful.


The RoboCane is such an amazing tool. It isn’t just your basic cane. It comes equipped with a computer, 3D camera, and microphone. As your elderly loved one is walking around, the cane will provide vocal prompts that say something is in the way. This can help to prevent falls for your elderly loved one.

Phone Video Chat

Does your elderly loved one have a difficult time seeing? If so, you or home care providers can set up video chats with them. This will allow you to help your elderly loved one with almost anything, even if you are far away. Some of the things you or a senior care provider can help with over video chat include:

  • Choosing matching outfits
  • Helping prepare meals by explaining directions
  • Looking at expiration dates on foods

These are just some of the many benefits of using video chat when caring for your elderly loved one.


Are you a family caregiver for your elderly parent or other loved one? If so, do they have any degree of vision loss? We all know that vision loss can be frustrating at the very least. It is important that you and home care providers help your elderly loved one in any ways that you can. You can start by helping your elderly loved one to get set up with technology tools that can benefit them. It may take a while for your loved one to get used to using these tools. However, once they do, hopefully, the tools can help them to do things much easier despite their vision loss.



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