Companion Care at Home in Pineville NC

Companion Care at Home in Pineville NC

Have you ever talked to your parents about their plans as they get older? If you haven’t learned about your parents’ long-term care plans, it’s time to find out. Knowing their medical information and having it listed somewhere is an essential part of a long-term care plan.

How do you get your parents’ medical information organized and help them figure out their long-term goals? Start by asking these questions.

Have Any Legal Forms Been Drawn Up?

There are a few forms your parents need to have in place. Find out if they have filled out and filed their advance directives with their doctor. This form states what types of medical care they would or wouldn’t want in different situations.

They need to have completed powers of attorney that names a person to act as their agent if they cannot speak for themselves. Their medical POA would make decisions about their health, while a financial POA would take care of their financial matters.

Finally, your parents need to have a will in place. This ensures that the people they’d want to gain their assets are the ones that get them. It keeps courts from deciding who gets what.

What Are Their Hopes When It Comes to Housing?

Is your parents’ current house the place they want to spend the rest of their life? Have they ever talked about downsizing? If they have, you should find out what their timeline for downsizing is.

If they don’t want to downsize, go over the things that would make their home safer for them. They’ll want to make these improvements as money allows. It might be replacing the roofing or adding brighter lighting in the hallways.

Is There a Family Health History That Could Cause Issues Down the Road?

Some chronic health conditions are linked to family history. Colorectal cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure are health issues that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Where there are family histories, their doctors need to run tests. The earlier they’re diagnosed, the easier they can be to treat.

Are Their Medical Exams, Vaccinations, and Tests Up-to-Date?

When did your parents last see their doctors? Help them get their vaccinations updated. If they’re due any tests, schedule them on days someone can drive them. Do the same for yearly check-ups.

How Can Companion Care at Home Help?

Companion care at home is a vital part of a care plan as you age. If your parents aren’t close enough for you or other siblings to stop by each day, professional caregivers are happy to stop by as often as is necessary. Talk to a specialist in companion care at home to learn more about prices and services.

If you are considering companion care at home in Pineville, NC for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Charlotte. Call today: (704) 246-5806.