24-Hour Home Care in Cornelius NC

24-Hour Home Care in Cornelius NC

Your parents need care during the day and also at night. It’s a lot to manage, especially when you’re the only one helping out. You’ve heard about 24-hour home care, but you’re not sure how it works. Here’s a quick guide into 24-hour care services.

Caregivers Work in Shifts

With some home care needs, you’ll have a caregiver stop by and spend a few hours with your parents each day or every few days. When you need a professional caregiver with your parents all day and night, you’ll hire 24-hour home care aides.

They work in shifts. You don’t have one caregiver at your parents home sleeping during some hours and awake at others. You have several caregivers splitting up the day to ensure a caregiver is there and alert at all hours.

Your parents’ caregivers may work for six hours, and then the replacement comes in for the next six hours. After a total of 24 hours, your mom and dad have four caregivers per day. Schedules can vary depending on the agency’s rules and how much care your parents require.

Reasons to Hire 24-Hour Care Aides

When would your parents need 24-hour home care? Suppose your dad has Parkinson’s. He’s not steady on his feet, so he cannot go to the bathroom without assistance. In the middle of the night, he needs to have a caregiver available to help him, but he also needs the caregivers during the day. That’s one example where this service helps out.

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and only seems to sleep for two hours each night. You’re struggling to get a whole night’s sleep. Instead of powering through the sleep deprivation, hire around-the-clock caregivers to be awake and ready to redirect your mom if she tries to go outside.

What if your mom and dad both have chronic health conditions like heart or kidney failure? They need emotional support as they navigate these challenging conditions. They need someone around in case their health takes a turn, and urgent medical attention is necessary. Caregivers can check on them throughout the day and night and call doctors if their condition worsens.

What Do You Do Next?

Build a list of your mom and dad’s care needs. Next, be realistic about how much time you can invest in helping them with those daily tasks. It’s okay to admit that you don’t have time. At that point, call a 24-hour home care agency and ask about prices and services.

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