Home Care Assistance in Matthews NC

Home Care Assistance in Matthews NC

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association chose March as National Frozen Food Month. The goal is to bring awareness to the fact that frozen foods can be one of the most nutritious options in your kitchen. A home care assistance provider can help your senior further enjoy the many benefits of frozen foods through meal preparation and planned grocery shopping.

If you believe that fresh vegetables and fruits are best, you may need to see where that fresh produce comes from. If it’s being shipped from one side of the country to the other, it’s probably weeks old before you see it on the shelves.

Fresh produce often travels from the farm to a warehouse. Once it’s loaded into refrigerated trucks, it travels hours or days to the stores, where it goes into their storage area until it’s needed. You bring it home and are upset to find it’s turning soft or moldy a day or two later.

Frozen foods are harvested and immediately frozen to preserve their freshness. When you know the best frozen foods to keep stocked, you’ll always have the ingredients for healthy meals available.


When you find frozen vegetables on sale, stock up during that sale. Frozen vegetables have a date stamped on the packaging. They’re viable for another ten months past that date.

Mixed vegetables are versatile and eliminate the need to wash, peel, and chop the different vegetables. Use them in soups, salads, pot pies, and casseroles to save time.

You may not want to keep French fries on hand, but diced or grated frozen potatoes are handy for casseroles and soups. Look for potatoes that aren’t preserved in a lot of salt. You also want to avoid potatoes that are coated in oil.

Frozen spinach is a handy vegetable to keep stocked. If you’ve ever bought a clamshell container of spinach and become dismayed when it cooks down to a tiny amount, frozen spinach solves your problem. You end up with the amount you expect.

Seafood and Meats

Oily fish don’t always freeze well, but cod, haddock, and other mild fish are great purchases from a frozen section. Frozen shrimp is also a beneficial purchase. Be careful where the fish and seafood are harvested from. Stick to seafood from countries like Canada, Iceland, and the USA.

When shopping for frozen meats, some do better than others. Frozen boneless chicken breast is a smart purchase. You might find frozen steaks aren’t the best, but ground beef is good.


Frozen fruit lasts for close to a year. You don’t get that kind of shelf life from fresh fruit. Use frozen fruit to make desserts or eat in salads.

Berries are packed with antioxidants. Keep them frozen to add to smoothies and breakfast items like yogurt parfaits and overnight oats. Blueberries and strawberries are two of the more affordable frozen fruits you can purchase in three-pound bags and tuck into the freezer.

Would Home Care Aides Help During Meals?

Consider hiring home care assistance services to help your parents with meals. Home care assistance is ideal if they’re struggling to shop for groceries or cook meals, as well as helping with other aspects of daily living. Light housekeeping, mobility assistance, transportation, companionship and more are just some of the ways that home care assistance can help your senior improve their daily lives.


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