In-Home Care in Pineville NC

In-Home Care in Pineville NC

Hearing loss can cause your elderly loved one to feel isolated and lonely. It can also increase their risk of falls due to balance issues. It can be difficult to watch your elderly loved one have to deal with hearing loss. You and your elderly loved one may even be getting increasingly frustrated with each other due to communication problems. If this is the case, there are some communication tips that in-home care providers use that can help you and your elderly loved one to get along better.

Getting Rid of Background Noise

One of the communication tips for the elderly when it comes to hearing loss is to get rid of background noise. For example, if a loud fan, music, or the television is on while you or an in-home care provider are trying to communicate with your elderly loved one, they are less likely to hear what you are saying. This is when a lot of miscommunication occurs.

Getting Their Attention

Another tip for communicating better with someone who is hard of hearing is to get their attention before you start talking. For instance, if you want to talk to your elderly loved one about the plans for the day, it would be a good idea to put your hand gently on their shoulder and stand in front of them when you are talking. This way, they know to pay attention and to watch you speak, so they can better grasp what you are saying.

Speak a Bit Louder

Depending on the state of your elderly loved one’s hearing loss, you may have to speak a bit louder than you would with other people. This can feel frustrating and maybe you even think you are yelling. However, as long as your body language and facial expressions don’t look angry, your elderly loved one isn’t likely to think you are screaming at them. You can even adjust the level of your voice until you find which levels your elderly loved one can hear you at.

Don’t Exaggerate Speech

When you are talking to your elderly loved one who is hard of hearing, don’t exaggerate your speech. If you do this and your elderly loved one is watching you talk, they may get confused as to what words you are using. It is best to speak in the way you normally do, just at a different volume.


Is your elderly loved one hard of hearing? If so, these are some of the best communication tips that you can use to help them hear you better. If you are using these tips and your elderly loved one still isn’t grasping what you are saying or they can’t hear you as well as they used to, it would be a good idea for you or a home care provider to get them in to see a doctor. There are hearing specialists who can assess your elderly loved one’s hearing to see what can be done to help them.


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