Personal Care at Home in Indian Trail NC

Personal Care at Home in Indian Trail NC

Did you know that many senior citizens fall when getting on and off of the toilet? There are different reasons why this might happen. One of the reasons is due to the height of the toilet and another might be their balance issues. No matter what the issue might be, there are some tips for helping the elderly to stay safe while they are using the toilet.  Utilizing the help of an adult child in the bathroom can be embarrassing for many seniors. While these tips can be helpful for you, it may be better to rely on the help of personal care at home for your parent.

Safe Lifting Techniques

Your elderly loved one might need transferring assistance. Whether they are sitting down on the toilet or getting up, it is important that those lifting your elderly loved one know how to practice safe lifting techniques. Some of these tips that you and the senior care providers might use include:

  • Bending your knees and supporting your elderly loved one as you raise or lower them from the toilet
  • Holding onto your elderly loved one’s trunk and hips to help them stay stable when getting up from or down onto the toilet
  • Don’t lift them upright or have them pull onto you as you could both get injured
  • Encourage your elderly loved one to move as much as they can on their own to reduce the weight you have to lift

These are some of the safe lifting techniques that you can use with your elderly loved one. Personal care at home is experienced in these types of tasks and can help your senior if you feel uncomfortable helping them in the bathroom.

Communicating Clearly is Important

If you are going to help your elderly loved one with transferring to and from the toilet, communicating clearly is key. For example, if you are thinking that you will just pick up your elderly loved one and they will move as you grab them, but they lean all their weight against you, this could lead to an injury for both of you. Before you pick up your elderly loved one or hold onto them, it is important to let them know what expectations you have or be clear about what you are doing.

Going to the Bathroom Safely

Another aspect of using the bathroom is getting into the bathroom in the first place. There are some things that you may want to think about in this regard, too. Some of these things include:

  • Allowing your elderly loved one to move at their own pace, but stay close enough to them in case they get off balance
  • Once they are by the toilet, stand near them and have them slowly get down onto the toilet
  • Be sure the bathroom floor isn’t wet before your elderly loved one goes into the bathroom

By following through with these tips, you can help to prevent your elderly loved one from falling when they are going to and into the bathroom to use the toilet.


Does your elderly loved one need help in the bathroom? If so, the tips that are noted here today should help them and you to stay safe. Don’t forget that you can always get personal care at home services to help move your elderly loved one to and from the toilet, as well.


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