Companion Care at Home in Charlotte NC

Companion Care at Home in Charlotte NC

When you are not there with your senior, it can be hard to know if they are eating properly. Not all seniors will have a big appetite, or their tastes have changed as they age. They know they should be eating more, but they may have difficulty staying motivated to eat. You can’t always be with your senior, and it can be scary to encourage a senior to live on their own when no one is there to take care of them. Luckily there are options for your family that will still allow them to live independently.

Companion care at home can help encourage seniors to eat when they have no appetite and help a senior create a routine that will help them adjust to an eating schedule. Having someone at home who is professional, like companion care at home, will help your senior parents stay healthy even when you’re not around to take care of them.

It might be difficult to get seniors who lack the appetite to eat. You can try a few simple changes when your senior doesn’t want to eat. But before you try these tips, keep in mind a senior should be getting regular health check-ups. Sometimes they may not want to eat because of serious medical conditions, so it’s crucial to rule those out.

Have a Routine Meal Time or Snacks

Maintaining a consistent daily schedule and providing meals at around the same times each day prepares their bodies to eat. Sometimes seniors may not feel hungry at all, even when they need to eat, so it is vital to keep them on the same schedule every day. This allows their bodies to get used to the feeling of eating regularly.

Serve Smaller Portions

Not all seniors want to see a massive plate of food in front of them. It can be overwhelming. If this sounds like your seniors, it’s time to put a smaller plate of food in front of them but keep the nutrition value higher. Try adding in eggs, avocado, nut butter, and cheeses. Switch to five small meals per day rather than two or three big meals.

Try Finger Foods

If your senior struggles with shaking hands, it can be hard to use utensils. This might make eating less attractive for seniors, so try cooking more finger foods. Sandwiches, chicken nuggets, or raw veggies are all great options that are also high in nutritional value.

Stock The Pantry

Seniors like to feel independent, but it can be challenging to cook on their own. Ensuring they have plenty of snacks to eat in the pantry or fridges is crucial to encourage them to eat more. Healthy snacking should always be promoted and not shut down.

Try Out Smoothies

Not all seniors like to chew on their food, and sometimes food can get stuck in their throat. This can be uncomfortable and make eating less enjoyable for them. Luckily, smoothies might be better for them to enjoy because there is no chewing involved.


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