24-Hour Home Care in Pineville NC

24-Hour Home Care in Pineville NC

Over six million U.S. adults have Alzheimer’s. Families may believe they know what to expect, but the disease can impact people in different ways. Some experience sundowning, while others don’t. Wandering, anger, depression, and anxiety are also possible.

Your mom has Alzheimer’s, and you’re not sure how to make plans for the care she needs. One consideration is your mom’s need for constant supervision in the middle and late stages of the disease. Here are five reasons 24-hour home care can be so beneficial for the safety of your senior with Alzheimer’s disease.

Anger and Agitation

As your mom’s family caregiver, you probably deal with a lot of her anger. It’s especially common if she’s sundowning. While it’s not her fault and the disease is to blame, being hit, bitten, scratched, and slapped is tough to take.

You’re going to need breaks from time to time. If you don’t, you risk burning out. Depression is common in family caregivers dealing with dementia. Self-care is important, and 24-hour home care services give you the breaks you need.

Delusions and Paranoia

When your mom becomes delusional, it’s impossible to convince her that what she believes is all in her head. Paranoia is just as hard to manage as her fear is real to her. Because she’s convinced things are happening around her or someone is out to get her, you’ll need breaks.

Her fear and anxiety will upset you. Breaks every now and then help you decompress and return recharged and ready to help her again.


You need sleep, but it’s 2 a.m. and your mom is still wide awake. Even if you get her to sleep, her pattern is to sleep for two or three hours and be ready to go. You can’t keep up.

You can care for your mom, but 24-hour home care can take over while you’re sleeping. You’re not the only one in the house trying to redirect your mom, clean the house, and cook her meals and snacks.


In the late stages of Alzheimer’s, incontinence is typical. She needs help getting cleaned up. She may need her sheets changed in the middle of the night. It’s important that she’s cleaned up as quickly as possible. UTIs are possible and can be hard to recognize in someone with Alzheimer’s.


Have you heard your mom beg to go home? She tries to go for walks all of the time, even in the middle of the night. The problem with her walks is that she doesn’t always remember how to get home. Someone needs to go with her.

With a caregiver awake and ready to help your mom at all hours, her walks outside are acceptable. You don’t have to worry about her finding her way back. She has a caregiver with her.

Hire 24-hour home care aides as early as you can. It’s hard to tell exactly when your mom will start wandering. She could be fine one day and seeking ways to get out of her house the next. By arranging home care early into the disease, your mom gets used to having caregivers around.

Make sure you speak to your mom’s memory care team regularly to see how she’s scoring on the short tests that measure memory retention. This can help you track how fast things are progressing, which helps you make plans for 24-hour home care as early as possible.


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