Senior Home Care in Indian Trail NC

Senior Home Care in Indian Trail NC

One of the ways that seniors can stay in their homes as they get older is by having help with the tasks of daily living. Senior home care will give family members the peace of mind of knowing that their senior parent is getting the help they need at home. If you and your siblings live far away from a senior parent senior home care is the perfect way to ensure that your senior parent has the support they need when you can’t be there to help. But what is senior home care? And how does it help seniors?

What Senior Home Care Is

Senior home care is a collection of services that are designed to help seniors have a good quality of life at home as they get older. A care provider comes to your senior loved one’s home on a regular schedule to help them with various household tasks. Some of the tasks that a home care provider can do for your senior parent are things like:

  • Doing the dishes
  • Preparing Meals
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Transportation to doctor visits
  • Companionship
  • Putting away groceries
  • Helping with errands
  • Decluttering the house
  • Feeding the pets
  • Walking the dog
  • Mopping
  • And much more

What the home care provider does for your senior parent will depend on factors like your senior parent’s age and physical condition and what household tasks they like to do for themselves.

How Senior Home Care Helps Seniors

When you think about all the different things that you do each day around the house those tasks can add up quickly. For seniors who could have medical conditions that make those tasks difficult keeping up with the house and cooking and shopping can be overwhelming. When seniors feel like they are too overwhelmed to do those tasks they just don’t do them. And then as a result the house doesn’t get cleaned, laundry doesn’t get done, shopping doesn’t get done, and your loved one may not eat or drink enough because they are too overwhelmed to function.

Senior home care gives your senior parent the help they need to keep the household running smoothly and keep them doing the things they need to do in order to stay healthy. But in addition to that home care gives your senior loved one a routine and a sense of connection. Your senior parent won’t have to eat alone, or go for walks alone. They will have someone to talk with and watch TV with. Home care keeps your senior parent connected to the world and gives them a friend they can share things with and confide in. When you are too far away to visit your senior parent regularly you can be sure they are being taken care of if they have senior home care. Or, if you have work or children to take off and you can’t be there as much as you want for your senior parent home care fills in the gaps.

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