24-Hour Home Care in Indian Trail NC

24-Hour Home Care in Indian Trail NC

Recovery after a stroke is a big challenge. Your elderly family member’s entire life may have changed overnight with that one health issue, and she may worry that her life will never be the same. Lots of people do make remarkable recoveries from a stroke, but it requires having the right support throughout the entire process. With this information, you may be able to offer your elderly family member more complete support as she recovers from a stroke.

Help Her to Manage Fatigue and Rest

After a stroke, your senior’s body and brain are healing. That can take a lot out of her, energetically speaking. Having options that allow your senior to rest is absolutely critical. 24-hour home care providers can assist your elderly family member with whatever tasks are necessary while also offering her the chance to rest as much as she needs to rest.

Look for Solutions to Help with Communication

Communicating after a stroke is much more difficult if your elderly family member’s stroke affected her communication skills. That doesn’t mean that your senior doesn’t need to communicate, though. Using tools like flash cards, written notes, and even text-to-talk apps on smartphones and tablets can help your senior to feel heard, even when she can’t speak just yet.

Encourage Her to Express Her Emotions

Your senior is likely to feel a lot of different emotions after a stroke. Recovery takes time, and that can leave her feeling frustrated. Having a way to express and to process those emotions can help her to work through them more quickly. Journaling can help, as well as just knowing that she can talk to you about how she’s feeling. If her feelings are really big, spending some time in talk therapy can also be really beneficial.

Keep Motivation Rolling

It’s so difficult to stay motivated when your senior feels like she isn’t seeing much progress at all. Having help from home care providers can help your elderly family member to stick to her schedule and her care plan, which is an important part of keeping her motivation up. Another way to help your senior to stay motivated is to keep a log of how she’s doing. She may not see the results in real time but looking back at her progress can help her to see that she’s done more than she thinks she’s accomplished.

Ensure She’s Got the Assistance She Needs

Overall, whatever assistance your senior needs should be available for her whenever she might need it. That includes overnight assistance from 24-hour home care professionals. Just knowing that she’s got the help that she needs at any hour can be tremendously supportive for your senior. You’ll also feel better knowing that your elderly family member has that help whenever she needs it.

Sticking with her doctor’s care plan is going to help your senior to see the recovery that she’s making, too. It’s not always easy to relearn how to do things that she has done for years, but it’s easier with the right help.

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