Companion Care at Home in Cornelius NC

Companion Care at Home in Cornelius NC

National Dog Day is August 26th! National Dog Day began in 2004 and it celebrates all breeds, mixed and pure, and serves to help encourage the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, either from public shelters, rescues, or pure breed rescues.

As you care for your aging parent, there may or may not be a pet involved that you’re also helping to take care of. If your parent loves dogs but doesn’t currently own one, you can still help your parent celebrate national dog day in many ways to brighten his spirits for the day.

Visit a shelter

You don’t have to want to purchase a shelter animal in order to visit most shelters. If you have hired companion care at home for your aging parent, your companion care provider can bring your parent to the local shelter for a day of visiting all of the pets and perhaps even helping in the care of them for the day. Companion care at home providers are a wonderful way to provide your parent the ability to make visits like this.

Shelters are often looking for volunteers to take the dogs for a walk or brush out their coats. Just give a quick call beforehand to see what is available so you can decide with your parent before you visit what he’d like to do.

Have a meal at a dog-friendly restaurant

One of the easiest ways to get a little serotonin lift from interacting with dogs is to simply visit a restaurant that allows dogs to be with the patrons. These are most often restaurants that have outdoor seating, but some also have indoor seating.

Invite dog owners for a visit

Does your parent have any friends who have dogs? Your parent may enjoy a visit from them and their dogs for the day to get some extra dog cuddles to celebrate the day. Your friends or family members can take the dog and your parent for a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the fresh air. If your parent has neighbors with dogs, it might be as easy as a simple walk over to say hello.

Donate to dog shelters

If your parent likes to support local organizations, he could use Aug 26 as a day for him to make a donation to a local shelter. It’s a great way to support organizations that work hard to make sure every dog ends up with a good home.

Go to a dog park

Even if you don’t have anyone in your life that owns dogs, you can still easily find lots of different types of dogs to watch and enjoy at a local dog park. Your parent might enjoy sitting on a bench near the park and watching the dogs play, bark, and run around. If the weather is nice, you or your companion care at home provider can pack up a lunch and enjoy a light meal while soaking in all the canine fun.

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