Companion Care at Home in Indian Trail NC

Companion Care at Home in Indian Trail NC

The first week of October has been deemed International Postcard Week. Many younger people may not appreciate how wonderful sending and receiving postcards are but your parent probably does. Not that long ago, it was traditional that whenever someone went on vacation, all of their family and friends would say “send me a postcard!” As a traveler, a person would find postcards at nearly every gas station and definitely at every tourist attraction. They would pick one out for each person, write a quick note about their trip, finish with the famous words “wish you were here,” and then drop it in the mail to see if the postcard would make it home before they did.

So, as we come upon International Postcard Week, it might be fun to see if your parent would like to celebrate the week by mailing off some postcards. Even if she isn’t traveling anywhere, she can send them from home and they’ll still brighten someone’s mailbox much more than another bill or advertisement will. Here are some fun and easy ways to celebrate.

Pick up some local postcards

Have a day trip to a local “tourist attraction.” Maybe it’s a museum, garden, or monument. If you have hired someone to provide companion care at home, that person could do a day trip with your parent to pick up a pack of postcards. While she’s there, it might be a fun time to recheck out that attraction. Then once she’s home, she might even be able to write up a fact or two about her local visit. Don’t forget to finish with “wish you were here!”

Make some postcards of her own

Making postcards is pretty easy. Simply cut some sturdy cardstock into 4×6 rectangles. On one side, your parent can draw a picture, create a design, or even glue on a photo or photo print. Your companion care at home provider can help with this project. It can be a lot of fun to see how creative your parent can be. Then she can write a simple message on the back telling the recipient how much she misses them and cares about them. Even if the person receiving the postcard lives in the same town, it can be a fun little find in the mailbox.

Flip the fun

Instead of having your parent create the postcards, you might think of enlisting a bunch of people to send her a postcard or two. You can talk to family that lives far away, next-door neighbors, and even her companion care at home provider. Let them all know that International Postcard Week is coming up and you think your parent would really enjoy finding some joy in her mailbox each day that week.

Remember that postcards require less postage than regular letters so don’t forget to pick up some postcard stamps and start having some good old-fashioned fun during the first week of October.

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