Companion care at Home in Weddington NC

Companion care at Home in Weddington NC

There’s a lot more stress involved in growing older than many people realize. Your senior might not seem to have a lot to worry about from the outside but looks can be deceiving. Finding ways to help your elderly family member to reduce her stress levels has a cascading effect that can lead to better overall health, which is something to encourage as much as you can.

Follow Her Doctor’s Care Plan to the Letter

Most people follow most of their doctor’s advice. But if your senior is dealing with major health issues, she needs to be following her care plan much more stringently. That can be easier to do with the help of home care professionals because they can make sticking with routines and making lifestyle changes a little easier. Your senior may not have the luxury of putting off making these changes.

Prioritize Both Sleep and Rest

Rest and sleep are two different things entirely and your senior needs both of them. If she’s not already getting quality sleep, help her to work through why that is and what changes can be made to support her needs. Bringing in additional help may also make it easier for your elderly family member to get the rest that she needs on a consistent basis.

Take up Meditation or Mindfulness

It’s easy to scoff at meditation or mindfulness, especially if your senior feels silly trying either practice. But there is evidence that adding one or both to your senior’s daily routine can help her to experience better overall quality of life. Since that is often one of your biggest goals as a family caregiver, it might be a good idea to look into how to incorporate these practices into her day.

Find Hobbies She Enjoys

Hobbies are another part of what brings joy into life and if your senior hasn’t had time for hobbies in the past, she might want to reconsider now. Creating something, nurturing something, or just enjoying an activity can help to reduce your senior’s stress levels more than she might realize is possible. Exploring the different options can be enjoyable as its own journey.

Embrace More Socializing

Too many seniors spend an awful lot of time alone. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, companion care at home might be the perfect solution. Spending time with someone else keeps your elderly family member engaged with other people. Companion care at home can also be a crucial part of keeping an eye on what is really going on with your senior. This is especially important if you’re not able to be there with your senior in person as much as you want to be.

There may be other ways that you can help your senior to reduce her stress levels and improve her overall health. Much depends on her existing health issues and her risk factors for developing other health concerns. Keeping her stress levels in check can make everything, including managing her health, much easier to do.

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