Senior Home Care in Pineville NC

Senior Home Care in Pineville NC

Did you know that September is All American Breakfast Month? That means it’s a perfect opportunity to take some time and assess how your senior approaches breakfast and what you can do to make breakfast healthier and easier for her. If your elderly family member doesn’t eat breakfast now, it’s a good idea to delve into why she makes that choice and whether that choice is truly serving her needs or not.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

The whole point of All American Breakfast Month is to remind everyone that breakfast is really important. Studies over the years have confirmed the importance of breakfast, underlining the fact that it can give your senior more energy each day. That doesn’t mean everyone loves eating breakfast, especially a big one.

Breakfast Doesn’t Have to Fit a Specific Formula

When you hear “all-American breakfast,” you might think about a full table, teeming with eggs, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, and even grits in some parts of the country. But breakfast, even an all-American one, doesn’t have to follow that formula exactly. Your senior’s breakfast can be a blueberry and banana smoothie or oatmeal with honey and fruit. What really matters is that she’s eating healthy foods throughout the day.

Keep Breakfast Simple and Easy

The easier and simpler breakfast is, the more likely your elderly family member will stick with it. Talk with your senior about what she’s willing to eat for breakfast each morning. Some people are happy to have one breakfast every day for the foreseeable future. Others enjoy variety every single day. Narrow down some options.

Consider Getting Extra Help for Your Senior’s Meals

Even the simplest breakfast ideas might feel big and complicated to your senior. Having help from senior home care providers can make life a lot easier for her. Someone else can take over the cooking, the cleanup, and even the advance preparation, ensuring that your senior has easy access to a healthy breakfast. Senior home care professionals can also help you to stay on top of what your aging family member is eating regularly.

Don’t Force It

It’s important to remember that even if your elderly family member understands how important breakfast is, that might not be enough to convince her to start eating it every day. Even with the help of senior home care, some people just don’t enjoy eating first thing in the morning. Try not to force the issue, and compromise when you can. That might mean that your senior eats a later breakfast or an early lunch. Again, what you’re aiming for is that your senior is getting plenty of healthy food choices every day.

If you’re in doubt about how important breakfast is for your senior in particular, talk with her doctor. There may be medications she takes that need to be taken both first thing in the morning and with food, so it’s important to understand how those variables affect her morning. Once you’ve got that information, you can put together a more comprehensive plan.

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