Senior Home Care in Charlotte NC

Senior Home Care in Charlotte NC

Have you ever asked your dad what he wants as he gets older? One of the most important things most older adults say is important is maintaining their independence and staying in their current home and neighborhood. How can senior home care help make that happen?

Look at What He Can and Can’t Do on His Own

Spend some time with your dad assessing what he can do on his own and where he needs help. You’ve noticed that he often forgets to take his daily blood pressure medications. It’s important to address this by arranging medication reminders.

If he fell getting out of the shower, he may be more confident if senior home care is available to hold onto while he steps over the side of the tub. While he heals from a broken arm or leg following a fall, it helps to have a caregiver to handle all of the housekeeping and laundry chores. They can be decreased as he regains mobility.

Ask Him What He Most Feels He Needs Help Completing

Ask your dad what he struggles with. He knows better than anyone where he wants help and where he feels he’s fine doing things independently. If he has a hard time walking up and down the stairs while carrying a laundry basket, senior home care services like laundry are important. It also helps to have someone available to vacuum the stairs and upstairs bedrooms.

Your dad doesn’t like to cook and has never been good at it. He prefers to heat a can of soup or microwave a frozen dinner. It’s important to look into having caregivers prepare meals. He can also have caregivers help him create weekly menus and build a grocery shopping list.

Talk to His Doctor

If you’re allowed to talk about your dad’s health, ask his doctor for input. To have this permission, you have to be on the HIPAA form or be the person named as your dad’s medical power of attorney. As long as you fit into one of those two categories, you’re able to ask your dad’s doctor questions about his health.

You want to know what medical issues your dad has and how it affects his day-to-day routines. If he has dementia, he may be okay for now, but a year from now, he may not be able to drive his car or cook meals on his own. As people with Alzheimer’s disease progress at different rates, it’s hard to know for certain when he’ll start needing daily care.

Another common health issue is diabetes. Your dad may be able to take care of himself without much help, but if he has vision loss due to the disease, he’s going to need someone else to drive him to appointments and area stores. Senior home care services help with that.

Get a list of questions together before you call and talk to a specialist in senior home care. You’ll get answers and learn more about prices before you schedule senior home care services.


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